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The Ride for Missing Children to Miles For Hope

Miles for Hope 2021
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The cards in the picture are of the people that I have ridden for so far. I have a picture of those who I have received a pin to put on my jersey or in my case my water pack. I ride for those who have gone missing, those who have been recovered, and those who have yet to be identified. Normally in my fundraising page I talk about statistics. How the occurrences of recovered individuals is higher since my cousin and others have gone missing. I talk about how special law enforcement task forces have shut down websites that participated in human trafficking, how they educate our children to keep them safer, and how they set up sting operations to trap those who are looking at solicitating others. I have told you that a community came together with my family and rallied around each other to never forget that one of our own was taken. I have said how a difference was made not just in our small space in the world but how it was moving to a more global effort. Last year threw us all into a state of uncertainty what would happen how would we get through it all. The world was impacted by a pandemic and The Ride for Missing Children was transformed into Miles For Hope. You may be wondering why I am writing about that and it is because when given an uncertain event that we didn’t know how to get through instead of sitting back everyone who participated they spread the news of this new transformation spreading awareness to all 50 United States and to several countries making this cause a worldwide endeavor. Thank you to those who participated whether it be by talking about it, writing about it, participating in it, or donating to it you made a difference.

I want to end with “People mean well but I wish they’d stop telling me that my trauma made me who I am today. My resilience did that. I won’t ever credit who and what tried to break me. All credit belongs to my ability to remove pieces that never should have been and finding ways to rebuild.” Please remember we all make choices and please try to make your choices to build a better you, a better me, and a better we.

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Pamela Brown

$100.00 May 11, 2021

Keep up the good work, Cari!💕