Fundraising Guide

Thank you for fundraising with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children! This page will serve as a guide on how to get started with fundraising with instructions and screenshots. If this is your first time fundraising on our new platform, it may be helpful to read this entire guide before fundraising.

Step 1

Select an event to register for

Navigate to the main NCMEC events page and click “Register / Donate” on the event you wish to fundraise for. This will bring you to the single event page.

Step 2

Register for the selected event

Once you’re on the single event page, you can register for the event by clicking the “Register” button and filling out the registration form.

Step 3

Payment Confirmation Page

After completing registration, you will be taken to the “Payment Confirmation” page and receive an email with instructions on how to view, manage, and share your fundraising page at the email you entered during registration. This emailing process also verifies that you correctly entered your email. If you do not receive the instructional email (and it’s not in your spam folder), contact the Ride committee at

Step 4

First time fundraisers: Check your email to set up your password and access your account dashboard

First time fundraisers will receive the following email. After setting your password with the link provided in the email, you will be able to access your Account Dashboard. The Account Dashboard is where you can find all of your fundraising and event information.

Existing fundraisers: Check your email to access your account dashboard.

If you already have an account in the platform, you will receive the following email with links to your fundraising page and account dashboard. For the purpose of this guide, click the “Account Dashboard” link.

Step 5

View your fundraising page from your Account Dashboard

Your fundraising pages can be found in your Account Dashboard. To find your Account Dashboard, either use the link provided in your email at registration or sign in to the events website and click “Account Dashboard” near the top of the website. Once you are on your Account Dashboard page, make sure you are on the “Fundraising Pages” tab. Next, locate your fundraising page from the list provided and click “View Page” to view your fundraising page.

Step 6

Finally, share your page by copying and pasting the URL or by clicking one of the social media share icons

Once you are on your fundraising page, you can share it with your donors by either copying and pasting the page’s URL into an email/text-message or by clicking one of the social media share icons and following the instructions.